I ever heard everyone talks about "Unemployment" but truly, I didnít understand exactly until I found document to talk about this topic
Firstly, We usually think "Unemployment rate" is easy to define but that doesnít have to be. For example: a worker is fired , but he will be hired a few weeks later ,is he called "Unemployment" ? How is someone leaves their work because of low salary? Or someone doesnít want to find new jobs anymore because of hopelessness .Therefore, somebody is just called "the unemployed" when they are voluntary to find job within four weeks. But we donít mention about the workers are boring with their job and donít find work anymore because they donít believe that they has the ability to find job anymore.
Ordinarily , Unemployment mentions to produce ,consume, income and customer opinions. A low unemployment rate means many people will get salary and that stimulates the outlay of customer , the development of economy and inflation rate will be decreased. On the contrary, a high unemployment rate will make economics become depressed.
The point is not cessation of unemployment because itís never-ending. Some of unemployments is called "frictional unemployment" This unemployment always exists all over the world , all time as soon as demand of labour is maximum.For example someone comes of age , join in the work force but hasnít found job yet. In 1944 , when the peak of Second World War , in American ,unemployment rate was announced by the Ministry of Labour is still 1,9%.
According to analogy, some unemployment rates is necessary for effect of economics.For example: In housing market, if all apartments are hired ,someone will get trouble because they canít find an empty apartment to move if they need. So, in this situation , the empty apartments arenít wasteful. Besides, being out of work can make them learn useful things such as how to behave themselves and how to face up to difficulties.Their life will be more meaningful and interesting. The standard of living will be much improved.
However, we canít deny unemployment causes a lot of bad problems for society such as drug addiction, robbery, murder etcÖ
After all, we need a right unemployment rate for controlling the economy and make a better life for everyone.
Someone says the unemployed are almost voluntary because there are many too but they accepted new jobs with a lower salary and this can help them escape the poverty at that time
All economists say: "We shouldnít say the unemployed canít find a new job, let say they canít find a job with high salary as they ever had.
Unfortunately, everything always varies from day to day. So, itís hard to have a job as the days in past. And off course their name will be been on record of unemployment.