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  1. ching5

    please help me to correct my proposed study program

    Proposed study program
    Indicate the relevance of the proposed study program for your work and clearly state your motivation for attending the program:

    After four-year study in Economic School of Jilin University, with a major in International Economics and Trade, I had acquired the basic economics knowledge. As is known to all, Economics and International Trade are closely connected. In fact, during the past 4 years, I equipped myself as best as I could with various tools used in economic analysis and obtained rigorous training in mathematics, econometrics, statistics and game theory, which are foundations for international trade. Completely absorbed by economics, I determine to pursue further studies in this field and to pave the way for career goals of teaching economics in university and being a government advisor. So I applied for the Masterís program of Economics and was admitted by Jilin University with a full scholarship.

    There are several motivations for my attending the program.

    First of all, having acquired a basic knowledge of economics and being good at both oral and written English, I have great confidence in studying in Holland. Besides, I learn from the brochure of Vrije University that the Economics will equip students with economic tools and teach students to apply them to the real-life situations, which meet my very need.

    Secondly, studying in Holland provides me a good opportunity to communicate with Dutch students. Usually, due to cultural differences, Chinese people and people from western countries consider things from very different angles. This program will definitely help to broaden my vision and learn to look at things more objectively. It also will be a great help when in future I do teaching and research.

    Thirdly, to be honest, I know little about Holland and I am eager to know more. By attending the program, it will give me an opportunity to learn more about the country and her culture. At the mean time, I can help people there learn more about China.

    If I can attend the program, I plan to pursue Doctorís Degree of Economics after completing the Masterís Program in China and to fulfill my goals of becoming a member of the faculty and conducting research.

    (thank you very much!!! i have to apply for a foreign university)

  2. ching5

    Re: please help me to correct my proposed study program

    i really don't know how to write it. would anyone be so kind to help me? i really appriciate it!

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