I just have roughly translated a piece of newspaper about a famous
female comedian in South korea and Japan in English
" My goal is to enter into American show business by 2015" < This is close to the original text but it sounds a bit weird. so I hope someone who are professional modify what I have wrote. and I suggests these two. but in what way it would sound better?
" My goal is to enter into American show business by 2015"
"MY goal is to become a famous comedian by 2015 in America
" I want to become a famous comedian by 2015
"I want to be a celebrity in America by 2015

Mrs Cho, who is a top comedian in South Korea and who entered
into Japanese Show biz scene successfully for the last years revealed that her next goal is " America" on the production presentation(?) of Super Mom presented by StoryOn on the last 23th of May
<- Mrs Cho is an A-list comedian in South korea, but she decided to go to Japan as a challenge and she become famous in japan successfully for the last few years, and she now want to go to America for being famous as well as she did in Japan.

and I also wrote the sentences in korean in this way.
Mrs cho , who hasbeen a successful comedian in South korea become a famous figure in Japanese show biz scene later .......

" I want to enter into AMerican show biz scene before I become 50 years old and my goal is to spear on the 30th anniversity of Oprah winfrey's talk show"

There is nobody who ask me to come to America like nobody asked me to come to Japan, but I will be prepared to go to America thinking I should design my own future
(I mean, she want to be a famous comedian in AMerica in the future so by that time, she need to improve her english speaking skills and understand the culture of America and many things to be prepared. and I do not know how to write these sentences to sound good in English. )

thinking my future rely on me?
thinking my future lay on me?

Mrs Cho apeared on TBS's "King of Japananese" in 2006 for the first time of her japanese TV show apearance <- This sounds very inapproapriate, doesnt it?

and then she takes an active part in many japanese TV shows like Sunday Japan, Meechan Meechan Ikeru and Nihon threest on Major japanese broadcast like NHK, FujiTV, TBS, and she also published a book about japanese.

She is going to apear on reality show called " Super mom" which is presented by Storyon channel with a famous english teacher, Mrs Park,
Musical actress Choi, Actress Lee and her son, Wooju

Super mom is first going to be on show at midnight on the coming 26th

could you please correct and modify what I have wrote ?
thanks in advance.