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    Motivation letter for doctoral research

    Hello all,

    I'm doing my best to write a motivation letter to apply for a doctoral research. I would like to ask for some corrections and advices, please.

    I've been checking up other letters posted in this web and the comments of the teachers have helped me a lot.
    I'm afraid that the letter is possily too short, what do you think? (i don't like too long letters, i find them somehow tedious...)

    As it usually happens to me, i've waited almost to the last moment and i only have one and a half day extra before handing in it, so i would appreciate (but not demand) if somebody can answer before that.

    Thank you very much in advance and here you have it:

    Dear Name Surname,

    I am writing to express my interest in applying for the Doctoral Research project “Mapping of Ecosystem Services” at XXX sited in XXX.

    I believe my professional and educational background enable me to make a strong contribution at the XXX. I am Forestry Engineer specialized in silviculture at the YYY University. Throughout my studies I was profoundly trained in mathematics, statistics and models. In addition, among all disciplines, I liked best those which explained the functioning of nature and its cycles (ecology, meteorology, soil sciences, pastures...), both in the smallest and the biggest scales.

    Moreover, I obtained in 2008 an MSc degree in Forest and Nature Conservation (specialized in Policy and Management) at ZZZ University. I was interested in understanding decision-making procedures and rural development processes. During that time I did some research within a team work involving Payments for Environmental Services (PES). Furthermore, after finishing my university studies, I followed an interesting 300-hour course in GIS and environmental management at the YYY University which I liked very much. I am really keen on deepening my knowledge in spatial analysis using this powerful tool.

    My long-standing aim is to be actively involved with research in an area that I find fascinating, such as ecology and spatial analysis utilizing GIS software. I believe research on ecosystem services is strongly needed in order to evaluate them and examine their possibilities of truly application at the service of society well-being and sustainable development.

    Finally, I am looking forward to join the XXX team and I remain at your disposal for further contacts.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mi name and surname

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    Re: Motivation letter for doctoral research

    I answered this in a duplicate.

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    Re: Motivation letter for doctoral research

    Hello konungursvia, I've finally found your answer. Thank you very much and excuse me for the duplicate (when it was moved i thought i did something wrong when posting it...)

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