Hi Every one. I am a second language english speaker and I am not confident with my english thus far. I have the task to write a cover letter expressing my interest for an overseas scholarship. this what I could draft in first instance. Please kindly look into my writing and advice on the flaws so that I can make adjustments. Thanks for your time.

The cover letter is as follows:

My address

Dear Professor White,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to apply to institute. The advert was circulated via email to some friends who in turn encouraged to me visit programme’s website and apply for a position.

I currently completed a Masters degree in Environmental and Water Resources at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) South Africa. My MSc research was centered on the use of GIS Tools to Model Nonpoint Source Pollution in an urban catchment. Assessing the effects of environmental parameters to the water quality of open channels in this urban catchment necessitated the development of a detailed land use / cover map of the catchment that served as an input in a pollution flux model.

During the period of study, I gained enormously by acquiring a number of skills. These included skills in project report writing, oral presentation of field results during project steering committee meetings, surface runoff sampling and quality interpretation, stream flow and open channel discharge measurements, land use and land cover mapping using GIS and the application of hydrological modeling to estimate surface runoff volumes and Nonpoint Source Pollution fluxes that emanated from a variety of land uses and land covers. The results that were obtained from the modeling exercise were quite interesting and an opportunity to perform a like exercise in an alternative site would be an opportunity for me to lay additional emphasis on some of the unresolved questions in my previous research. Prior to masters degree studies I obtained a bachelor of science (honours) degree in Quaternary Sciences and a BSc degree in Geology. During my honours degree study I was introduced to the use of Stable Light Isotope techniques to define trends in past climate changes; Textural analysis of deep sea mud cores to interpret palaeo-depositional environments.

My CV elaborates further on my research experience and capabilities evident in the number of positions I have held as researcher, research assistant in a number of different disciplines during my years of study. Additional teaching experience is currently being acquired as part-time lecturer of Environmental Geohydrology in a local tertiary institute.

I expect that the above experiences have given me the appropriate tools to encounter any research challenges in the future. The knowledge that I would acquire from your current programme would increase my knowledge base as an academic and would provide me with additional amour to plough back knowledge to my community which is deficient in alternative skills that could be used in water resources research.

While waiting in anticipation for your response and I would be readily available if you request any further information.

Yours sincerely