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    I need words to replace the Word "I"

    Please can someone give me a List of words to use other than I because i have recently wrote an essay and it has to many "I" in it. So can someone help me change some of those "I". The Topic of the essay was to tell what your career was and how you think you can achieve it.
    Example : I would like to help find Justice.

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    Re: I need words to replace the Word "I"

    To take that one example, there are many possible paraphrases - all involving nominalization (turning the verb into a noun - often an abstract noun): 'My aim/ambition/aspiration/chief goal in life/major concern ... [get other ideas from a thesaurus] is to achieve justice'. [The verb 'find' is an odd choice in that context; it implies that a wrong has been done, and that - come what may - you will find justice - you will find what has been hidden.]

    Take care with the abstract nouns you use, and use a dictionary to check on appropriate prepositions and verb forms - for example 'my aim is to find' but 'my focus is on finding'.


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