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    Writing an essay at the eleventh hour

    Could you proofread the half of my essay, pleasE?

    Why do Britons move to Australia? In most of the cases because they fall in love either with their other half who turns out to be Australian or with the country itself. Unless they want afford a house they could not back in the UK, but this is a different story. Either way, it involves the heart. In my opinion, it additionally involves sun and the climate. Not everybody is able to cope with rain and hail on daily basis. And on the other side of the coin there is a sun-drenched beach stretching out for miles, or kilometers actually, if looking through the perspective of Australian measurement system. And they can sit on the hot sand, look into the sun setting low above the horizon thinking to themselves “I’m not on holiday, I’m not here for just two weeks, I can do this every single weekend if I want.” No wonder that they fall for the Tierra Australis.
    No matter what the reasons to leave the United Kingdom might be, one will always encounter a number of misunderstandings causing various hilarious situations. The first absorbing example is describing woolens, linens and other domestic cloth products as "Manchester". The term derives from the fact that all bed clothing was imported to Australia from Manchester in England. This can result in genuine misinterpretation and a Briton being perplexed when asked to go back to Manchester to get their pillow slips. Many, many more lexical differences exist between the two nations. For example, in Australia women are called sheilas, they go swimming in bathers, later on sunbake on a beach and for dinner they don’t cook a chicken but a chook. Yet another classic illustration of communication barrier can be seen in the following situation. An Australian on the beach is shouting “some b*****d knocked off my sunnies, thongs and drank my beer while I was swimming.” What a British person might think when he or she heard such words? Following the reasoning of a sane person, someone must have stolen the other person’s knickers and sunglasses. But not in Australia, a country which lays upside down on the globe. Here everything must be the other way round as thongs to an Australian are a pair of shoes and a thong to a British person are a pair of women's knickers. Thus a group of sheilas wearing black rubber thongs may not be as exciting as one had hoped.
    A characteristic aspect of Australian lexicon is the use of diminutive. In Britons’ opinion Australians have tendency to overuse it. There are many Australianisms that have been well documented. Among British people the most famous are the terms used when referring to Australia as Oz, Australians as Ozzies, and Britons as Poms. One can very rarely hear an Australian calling himself an Australian. “I’m an Ozzie” he or she would say. Sometimes Poms consider Ozzies lazy for the simple reason that they use a way to many diminutives in one sentence. However, on the other hand, being brief and concise has some advantages. A sentence “let’s have a barbie this arvo” saves a lot of time and effort. What is more, Australians subscribes to the saying “the shorter the nickname, the more they like you.”
    Another aspect that constitutes the barrier to communication between the Australians and the British is the register. Australians are less formal whether in the everyday or less casual situations. They quickly get on to first name basis and refrain from using titles such as Mr, Mrs etc. Moreover, in Australia there is a wide acceptance of bad language. There are no controls of foul language on radio or TV. Many British people can hardly accept such behavior as their politeness rules firmly state that bad words should be omitted when possible. Not seldom do they hear such auditions when driving their children to school, but the only thing they can do is to grit their teeth and keep on driving. It is hard to get used to the customs established in a foreign country inhabited at the time, but being a guest in the other country binds.

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    Re: Writing an essay at the eleventh hour

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