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    Matrox Video - Support - RT.X100
    Check with the manufacturer of your DV-1394 device to see if it is OHCI-compliant, or for any compatibility updates.

    "Something is XX-compliant."
    What does this mean? Does it mean that something works on XX?
    1 : willing to do whatever you are asked or ordered to do : ready and willing to comply
    ▪ I asked him for a favor, and he was compliant.
    ▪ a compliant young reporter
    ▪ a compliant servant
    2 : agreeing with a set of rules, standards, or requirements
    ▪ The student's shirt was not compliant with the school's dress code.
    ▪ The software is compliant with the latest standards.

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    Re: compliant

    Quote Originally Posted by Daruma View Post
    Something is XX-compliant."
    comply with the standards of XX or compatible in size, compatible in operation, etc.


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