I've written an essay on the topic " BENEFITS OF YOUR CAREER AND PERSONAL LIFE" and desperately need someone to help me out. I'd appriciate if anyone could proofread and point out my technical and grmmartical misyakes. Here it is:

"A career life starts from the point after which an individual leads the life on the track of prosperity with the least hindrance. Every individual desires and of course it is one's right to attain a contented future but in general it is directly related to the personal fate. No person can find himself satisfied at the sub-standard status, but is the time, which plays a vital role even if we desire or not.
And after the brilliant or satisfied career, one gets benefited for not only himself or one's family but it becomes a kind of beacon for others in the society. It, then, becomes a symbol of praise, prosperity and an example of progression. A kind of position race then starts generating in the society which eventually results in prosperity and bringing a glorious future.
Apart from the benefits for the individual or for the society, it is however, a very foursome assignment which con only be obtained with the untiring efforts and from the highly ambition personality. And it is absolutely true that a career waits for such a person who actually deserves status and all credits much be awarded to such a personality.
An exemplary career is just a pool of the happiness and of a prosperous life for an individual but at the same time it has a great impact on the general masses of the society."

Thanks a million