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    Hi there,

    Which one is correct in the following, or both of them are correct but mean different things.
    1. Wait for me (at/in) the classroom.
    2. See me at / in the classroom.


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    Re: wait

    I think "Wait for me in the classroom" is correct.
    We can use 'at' in cases like
    Wait for me at the classroom door.

    I doubt how much the second one is correct

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    Re: wait

    No, both are fine and may be used intercahngeably to mean inside the classroom.
    At the classroom also means near the entrance.

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    Re: wait

    I disagree, and feel, "at the classroom" is not common usage. We would normally say "in the classroom" or "outside the classroom door" but no one who speaks a well known dialect of English would say "at the classroom" in my opinion. A room is thought of as a space, rather than a point, and I've never heard of it referred to with the preposition "at".

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