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    What does this mean?

    what does "when circus leaves town" mean?

    what does "when the circus leaves town" mean?

    When the Circus leaves town means when the circus has left the town it has been performing in to go to another town.

    You have asked this question before:

    A circus is a large group of performers such as clowns and acrobats, and they may use animals such as elephants, dogs and tigers as part of their show. The circus often moves from town to town. They set up some tents in one town and perform for a few days before they pack up and move onto the next town. While the circus is in town, there's a lot of excitement, a lot of new people and crowds and a bit of chaos. It means some extra work for the police and the people who run the city. When the circus leaves town, all of those strange people and the chaos and excitement they brought with them have gone away. The phrase is often extended to apply to any big event having finished or a group of noisy, strange, or chaotic people leaving a particular area.

    If this information is not helping, perhaps you could provide the context where you found the phrase?
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    Re: student

    It could be used to mean 'after some big event has finished'.

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