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    Unhappy Just had a test and..

    Well I had an English test like a hour ago, and I think I made a mistake, I wrote: She explains how people can volunteer in Wordwatch. And not, She explains how people can volunteer for* Watchword.

    Watchword is an organization for saving animals if it matters, anyways I will be glad for some help, thank you people in advance.

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    Re: Just had a test and..

    I've seen "volunteer for" an organization. I certainly wouldn't stop reading and not know what you meant by "volunteer in" but in the US at least, "for" is the most common preposition.

    {not a teacher}

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    Re: Just had a test and..

    The Corpus of Contemporary of American English says it's possible to read "volunteer in".
    In my opinion I see no difference between them

    volunteer in
    volunteer for

    I think it would do you some good to volunteer in the Donation Guild
    ...having been a volunteer in Marysville's fire department.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Just had a test and..

    Re: wordwatch.

    "volunteer for" in this case

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