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    Help me


    Can we say I wish I went to the party? Or I wish I could go to the party is the only way to say this.

    What is the difference between:
    1. I will be typing.
    2. I will have been typing.

    What is the difference between:
    I am writing letters.
    I have been writing letters

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    Re: Help me

    I wish I had gone to the party. This means that the party is over, and I missed it by choice. Now I regret my decision not to go. "I wish I could go to the party" means that I am unable to go to the party which is happening now or in the future. If the party is over and you were unable to go, you might say "I wish I could have gone to the party."

    1. I will be typing. (In the future I plan to do some typing.)
    2. I will have been typing. (I am already typing, and at some time in the future my typing will be in the past. Usually used with time references: In 10 minutes I will have been typing for 2 straight hours.)

    1. I am writing letters. (Current action. I am now in the process of writing letters.)
    2. I have been writing letters. (Action up until now. Writing letters is an ongoing process that has occupied my time recently, but it may not be what I am doing at this very moment.)

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