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    this i believe essay

    i am asked to write an essay called "this i believe",i wrote about a business project i established but i am not so confident about the quality of my writing because english is my second language.
    i need help to correct it or any suggestions to make it better.
    Subject: footprint that made the difference

    In a recent visit to Malaysia one of the most interesting Asian destinations to spend your holiday in, I noticed a big interest in taking care of feet! Yes feet, the Asian culture pays a great attention to that part of the body where all the reflex point exists.
    On my way home and after getting back to work I was thinking seriously on that subject, I read about it and I decided that itís a great idea to start a business.
    At that point of my life, I was feeling that I need a challenge. I had some difficulties at work, it was boring and I needed something new to achieve.
    There were a lot of obstacles along the way, I didnít have enough money, I have no idea what so ever about business, but I had faith, a great friend who became my partner and I strongly believed in myself and that I can do it.
    I started reading about business, preparing the feasibility study with the help of my friend who is an MBA graduate.
    During the process of establishing the spa, I got the chance to learn a lot of things that I never though I will experience in my life. Financial sheets, communication, marketing and hiring people from different countries were something I enjoyed more than anything else.
    I started the first specialized reflexology center in Abu Dhabi which took a lot of efforts, time, energy but it was a lot of fun and I can say it is something I am so proud of.
    It wasnít about the business; it was more of how to deal with people on different levels.
    I went to places, interviewed people, visited exhibitions which I never did in my job as software engineer.
    I didnít care if I gained money or not, I wanted my idea to become real, to enjoy learning, communicating and achieving.
    Now, after 3 years of opening the first branch which is considered the first of its kind in the city, I am preparing to open the second one.

    It tasted different than anything I went through before, it took a lot of courage to start a business but it made me realize that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

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    Re: this i believe essay

    any help???

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