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    Exclamation If students are NOT interested in the language...Please, I need your help

    Hello, everyone!

    I have a friend who teaches English language in one Romanian school. She says it is a challenge because her students are not interested in the language. They do not have access to the Internet, do not watch movies (what's pity because it could solve a problem in some way because there are lots of opportunities on-line) and do not want to make any efforts.

    The situation is quite difficult because she is a school teacher. She likes her job and of course wants to see that her subject interests her students...

    What do you think she can do??

    I would appreciate all opinions.
    So please feel free to say what you think about the situation.

    thank you in advance!

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    Re: If students are NOT interested in the language...Please, I need your help

    Languages can seem very distant when there is so little contact. Is this due to poverty or is it something cultural?

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    Re: If students are NOT interested in the language...Please, I need your help

    How old are they?

    Well, maybe you could try to show them some videos, success stories, convince them that English can change their lives. Perhaps they need motivation.

    Whatever this problem is, there's a solution. However, to provide a solution, it's needed to know what (has) caused such problem.

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    Re: If students are NOT interested in the language...Please, I need your help

    I think she should point out a huge need of knowing English nowadays. If a person knows any second language he has got really good future prospects. He will have much more opportunities in finding a well-paid job than one who is capable of speaking only one language. Basically it means that knowing English makes you somewhat more successful. And no matter what sphere/field you are going to work in, if you want to be prosperous in the future you just have to learn English. During the period of globalization The English Language is becoming more and more popular and touches every area of our life and not knowing English is not having a key to open the most indispensable doors of our world.
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    Thumbs up Re: If students are NOT interested in the language...Please, I need your help

    Thank you very much for your answers!!
    This helps!
    The students are teenagers.
    Yes, I think poverty and location of the school is one of the reasons for this attitude to learning any other language.
    However, I think that it is because they are not aware of all those benefits they could get after learning English.

    I went to shool in Russia and the situation was the same. My classmates wee not interesed in English class and didn't like the lessons. Those few people who enjoyed the lessons were considered as the odd ones..

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