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    what is this problem

    Im a esl teacher

    Im showing students picture cards.

    I want to practice the phrase. What's this and students answer with it is~

    Should I use plural or singular?

    for example, an orange picture

    What's this. It is an orange.

    What if there are two oranges in the picture?

    Do I say what's this refering to the picture or What are these refering to the oranges?

    What if the picture is grapes

    What are these or What is this?

    How about french fries or scissors?
    What are these? They are french fries. or What is this? It is french fries

    What are these ? they are scissors. or What is this? It is a pair of scissors.

    by the way,

    fruit is singular in fruit and vegetables are good for you.

    But It is plural in I like fruits or I like fruit. all kinds of fruit? or the category of food

    please help me help my students

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    Re: what is this problem

    You've already answered your own question.

    It is (a picture) of grapes/scissors/etc.
    They are grapes/scissors/etc.

    Fruit is good for you, it's true. I hope your students appreciate the fruits of your labour.

    Oh, and watch for your apostrophes!

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