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    Integrating Short Story and Grammar

    hi to all teachers! I'll be having a demo lesson next week.....

    i have to integrate reading and grammar but then I don't know how to get's hard to use the net for this please PM me or respond here for ideas..... or perhaps like a lesson plan sample on this? the level is for high school....

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    Re: Integrating Short Story and Grammar

    Take a paragraph, any paragraph, but make sure it's at your students' level.

    Look for

    • collocations (phrases that go together),
    • phrasal verbs,
    • prepositional phrases
    • kinds of phrases that form grammatical units.

    Look for

    • subject verb agreement,
    • active/passive sentences,
    • sentence types (e.g., simplex, complex, ect.).

    Go to an online grammar site

    • find the typical errors that learners of English make.
    • Find examples of the correct forms in the paragraph you've chosen.

    Now go through the paragraph and chose the forms you want to cover with your students. Make sure you don't overwhelm them with too much or pick to many things that are unrelated. Choose 2 or 3 points:

    1. semantics (synonyms, antonyms)
    2. syntax (word order; e.g. adjectives)
    3. connectors (e.g., subordinating conjunctions)

    You can do this with any paragraph. All you need to do is to be able to spot the constructs you want your students to learn.

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    Re: Integrating Short Story and Grammar

    @ soup

    thank you for the response...i'll consider your suggestion as well..... for now,I still have to make concepts before putting it into writing draft....

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