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    The following is the excerpt from an article about how to build up a bond between parents and infants.

    "The elements of bonding are grouped under : touch, eye contact, odor, nursing, imitation/entrainment/biorhythmicity"

    May I know what does it mean of :
    • entrainment
    • biorhythmicity

    Tks / ju

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    Re: entrainment/biorhythmicity

    That's complicated. It seems that entrain means to pull or draw after one's self. In this context I think it may have to do with the development of brain and how it responds to external stimuli such as light and noise: Scientific Overview of Brainwave Entrainment. Biorhythmicity has to do with your body's sense of timing for things like sleeping or eating: Biorhythmicity: New Clues Found to Circadian Clocks--Including Mammals' -- Barinaga 276 (5315): 1030 -- Science


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