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    Smile When tall is tall and short is short [written]

    Can anyone recall the term used for the effect of writing the word e.g. tall, but 4" in height (relative to say 1")? Same could be done for "short" - other direction...


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    Re: When tall is tall and short is short [written]


    Litotes is understatement whereby you convey what you mean by saying the when you call the 6'10" basketball player "Shorty" or the two-month-old infant "Tiger."

    "How lovely!" she thumped,
    As she glanced at the dump,
    "So fragrant, so neat and so--nice.
    I hadn't realized before
    That they had a free store
    And a luxury home for the mice."


    Oxymoron occurs when two apparently contradictory terms are brought together to form a sharper perception. You know all about it--why falling in love is "bitter-sweet."

    "Run slowly," she warned,
    "Or you'll fall up the hill,
    And you'll make a nice mess of your face!"
    So like a wise fool,
    I rushed snail-like to school,
    Displaying rhinoceros grace.

    (From a handout I got in 6th grade English class many years ago.)

    If you mean relatively or comparatively tall, that's a different matter...

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