not sure if that's the right place to post this but here it goes.
I'm still quite unsure if my writing would pass the Certificate in Advanced English test.

The first text is supposed to be a letter informing a former employer about the experience at the job outlining the positive points [great social life, job got easier and the food improved the 2nd week in, ] and the negative ones [assigned to an unexpected task, accomodation sub par and with fellow compartiots only, little advance information].

Dear Mister Allsop,

let me start off by saying that my overall experience with the job was a rather positive one. The comradery amongst the employees was great and I enjoyed a decent social life despite all the work wich proved to be less tedious than expected - especially after the first week.
Alas, that's where I've run out of positive comments on the job.
It may be due to some kind of bureaucratic error on your part just as well as it could have been a misunderstanding on my part as the scarce advance information was regretfully inconsistent, but I have been assigned to a task I wasn't expecting. I ended up in an art class although I aimed at teaching the kids sports. Furthermore, I resented the less than decent accomodation and the fact that I found myself grouped together with my compatriots only.
If these issues were paid attention to, I am positive that you can turn a decent job into a pleasant experience.


The second text was intended as an entry for a newspaper competition about what three items to put into a time capsule.

Despite a certain alarmist attitude that is quite prominent in today's media, I would consider it rather unlikely that the various doomsday scenarios and utopic fantasies will be proven right by the future. In the end, all explicit predictions of future times are destined to fail but of course the same could be said about my assumption that neither will there not be any people in the 100 years to come to open our message in a bottle from the past nor will a future society serviced entirely by automatons and therefore free to idly explore spiritual and intelectual realms be utterly disinterested in diggin into the barbaric past.
But just like 60 year old science fiction-movies provide a nostalgic entertainment along with a top down view on past political, cultural and technical circumstances, generations to come might just enjoy our contemporary cinematography transporting current fears into the realm of scifi and fantasy - a blu ray disk packed with the latest and most popular blockbusters should suffice.
On the same disk, there might just be enough space left to include a rough representational oversight of the most popular internet services as a reminder of the time when people turned to an even more abstract means of communication able to provide them even more comfortably with everything they want but barely anything they need.
A plain paper-based folder filled with random statistic of some not yet digitalized municipality could offer future generations insights into our culture we are not yet aware off - at least it will be mildly interesting trivia.

Thanks in advance for any replies :)