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    Using Comparisons

    I was teaching a lesson on comparisons this morning and my student asked me a question I could not answer. He wanted to know why you use any or no + a comparative. For example, I am not taller than my brother. and I am not any taller than my brother. It has a subtle difference in understanding but what is the reason we use these extra words - or is it simply another either/or choice?

    Thanks for your answer.

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    Re: Using Comparisons

    1 used to emphasize an adjective or adverb in negative sentences or questions, meaning Ďat allí: He wasnít any good at French. I canít run any faster. Is your father feeling any better? I donít want any more. If you donít tell them, nobody will be any the wiser.
    2 (NAmE, informal) used at the end of a negative sentence to mean Ďat allí: That wonít hurt you any.

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