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    How to Improve My Language


    My name is Rana. I am from Syria - Damascus.

    I would like to ask you how can I be fluent in English being living in Arabian country without having touch with native speakers, noting that I do not have the time for attending classes.
    I realy need to be very good in speaking & writing as well. Furthermore, I'm in a hurry as I have to use Enghlish a lot at my new job.

    Looking forward to hearing form you very soon.

    Thanks & best regards,
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    Smile Re: How to Improve My Language

    Welcome to the forums

    Start with this:
    language exchange - Google Search

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    Re: How to Improve My Language

    I'm afraid that you are likely to find it very difficult to meet all of those conditions. Language learning takes time and practice- you don't have to attend classes, but you will need dedicted time for English.

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