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Thread: Round / Rounded

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    Round / Rounded

    What do these mean?
    1. For best taste use a rounded teaspoon. (This is the one that I saw on the coffee label. How come they didn't use 'round'?)
    2. For best taste use a round teaspoon. (Is 'round' an adjective here? If not, what is it?)


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    Re: Round / Rounded

    A rounded teaspoon is a quantity- if the teaspoon is piled high, we say 'heaped', but if the amount over the top of the teaspoon is equal to the amount inside, so it is oval in shape, then it is a rounded teaspoon. A round teaspoon would be the shape of the metal.

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    Re: Round / Rounded

    Tdol is correct, the adjective "rounded" means "equal" or "level" in that context. We use it for numbers also.

    E.G. As a verb.

    "The taxi fare cost 3.82, but I rounded/leveled it (up) to 4.00 so the driver could have a tip."

    "I prefer rounded figures to uneven ones."

    Another use of "rounded" is:

    He rounded up/brought together the cows.
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