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    Smile Anyone who can help me :) ?

    Hello all!
    I find difficulty in doing these exercises,If you can help me-write! And thaaanks in adance!
    1.The police went to Turner's house but, not...... he had disappeared.
    A:amazingly B:incredibly C:surprisingly D:astonishingly (I think it's -C-)
    2.You must have insurance in case accident.
    A:endure B:receive C:undertake D:suffer (I think it's -D-)
    3.Sometimes finding the right place to stay can be a lot of.......
    A:hassle B:nuisance C:problem D:difficulty (is it -D-?)
    4.Camping is very cheap after the......investment in equipment.
    A:starting B:initial C:first D:primary (in my opnion: -B- )
    5.The number of people getting married each year is on the......
    A:fall B:reduction C:decline D:drop ( -B- ? )

    word formation:
    1.You're expect a good hotel at such a low price.REAL (is it unreal or unrealistic? )
    2.Dan the fact that he might not get the job.RESIGN (I think it's resigned?)

    and this one:
    Now we're lost! I wish we......remembered to bring a map. (Had? )

    and these 4 sentences with transformations :)
    1.I would have preferred you to tell me earlier.
    I [would rather you had told] me earlier. ?
    2.We think someone has been rescued.
    Someone [is thought to have been] rescued.? (I'm not sure if the tense's right)
    3.The examiner will show you some pictures.
    You will [be showed some pictures by] the examiner.?
    4.I really want my friend to call me tonight.
    If [only my friend would call] me tonight.?
    I really need your help!

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    Re: Anyone who can help me :) ?

    1. c 2. d. 3.(needs a pl noun, so I'll pick nuisance, it's close)b. 4.b 5. c.

    WF unreal resigned (I'm resigned to the fact that the dollar will drop like whaleshit)

    had (present perfect)

    you tell me earlier

    thought s/o had been rescued (or whatever)

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    Re: Anyone who can help me :) ?

    Thanks a lot!!
    Anyone is welcome to write!! xoxo..


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