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    Please proofread. 2

    Yesterday I posted a thread entitiled "Please proofread".
    Some people kindly replied (thank you very much) but unfortunately the contents were not what I wanted.
    PLEASE JUST PROOFREAD THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE GRAMATICALLY, ESPECIALLY ABOUT TENSE. What I want to know is NOT whether it is rude or not nor whether it is appropriate to respond like that.
    Replies from native speakers of English (and preferably teachers who can grammatically explain) would be appreciated.

    "It would have been nicer if you had remembered that I had asked you not to call me by my last name." <- This is the sentence I would like you to proofread.

    (This is NOT business e-mail.)
    (The context is:
    One day I asked someone not to call me by my last name, and she said OK.
    After a while, I e-mailed her and she e-mailed me back.
    She wrote "It's very nice to hear from you", but still called me by my last name in the e-mail.
    So I want to tell her about it.)

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    Re: Please proofread. 2

    The grammar of your sentence is fine.

    All of the tenses are past perfect. The most immediate action in the past was the person's writing of the e-mail. Everything else refers to things before that.

    If she had remembered (before she wrote the e-mail) that you had asked her (before she wrote the e-mail), etc.

    (I didn't see the original post, nor the replies, but please don't be upset. Often on these forums, cultural differences are also discussed, so that people don't say things that are grammatical but unacceptable, unexpected, or just unusual according to the cultural norms we're used to. Part of our self-appointed jobs here is to make sure people don't make etiquette mistakes out of ignorance.)

    {not a teacher}

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