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    Dear teachers.

    She loves her ex-boyfriend. He was her first love, and they were together for two years. Now, he is with another girl. she didn't want to believe it at first. She wanted to believe his lies that he loved her, and she fought so hard to be with him. Now, she just called his house and his girlfriend answered. she is so upset. she feels like the world is ending.

    1, I'd like to know the meaning of "She wanted to believe his lies that he loved her"

    2, "fought" means (argued?),(tried?)

    3, "upset" means "angry"?

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    Re: lies/fought/upset

    1. When they were together as a couple, he told her, "I love you". Now they are no longer a couple, so his words must have been a lie. If he loved her, he would not have left her for another girl.

    2. tried

    3. sad, angry, depressed


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