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Thread: swine flu

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    swine flu
    The swine flu has not killed anybody yet here, nor will it, hopefully not. But this horrid flooding has already killed over 40.

    I suppose that the sentence should start with "The Swine flu..."
    What do you think?

    Earliest case of swine flu tucked away in Mexico, officials say -
    Tucked away in this small mountain village, off a dusty road flanked by pig farms, is where the earliest case of swine flu -- a virus spreading globally -- was confirmed.

    Meet the child known as "patient zero" by his doctors -- 5-year-old Edgar Hernandez, who survived the earliest documented case of swine flu in an outbreak that, officials say, has now spread across four continents.

    WHO has confirmed deaths only in Mexico, where seven people have died from swine flu.

    Common seasonal flu kills 250,000 to 500,000 people every year worldwide, far more than the current outbreak of swine flu.

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    Re: swine flu

    No. The article is not required, unless the author is discussing Swine flu in conjunction with other influenzas.

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