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  1. mohammad


    dear teacher

    what is difference between(in the corner,on the corner,at the corner)

    what is the tag qustion of this sentence(you nearly missed the plane,.....)

    what does( gee )mean? and is it common ?

    is (gosh) used mostly by women?


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    Re: english3

    1) 'on' and 'at' are synonymous in that context. 'on' refers to located on top of, whereas 'at' refers to a general point in space. 'in' is incorrect in that context. It means, *inside the sidewalk.

    2) You nearly missed the plane, didn't you?

    3) Gee is a variation of Jesus. Both words begin with the sound represented by the letter "g". It's common. Adults, as well as children use it. For example,

    EX: Gee, Mom. Do we have to have liver for dinner?

    A: Do you know when the bus comes?
    B: Gee, sorry, I don't.

    4) Gosh is common. Both men and women use it. I'm not sure who uses it more, though. Tom Hanks, a famous US actor uses it.


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