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    future simple or Continuous

    Dear Teacher,

    could you please simplify when should I use future simple and when should I use future Continuous.

    I really can't see the difference.



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    Re: future simple or Continuous

    Hi Rinotg

    Here are a few basics:

    Future Continuous (will be doing):
    Like the past continuous, the future continuous can be used to talk about an activity that is interrupted by another, usually shorter, action:

    - I will be sleeping when you arrive.

    The future continuous is also used to talk about a future plan that involves a typical or standard sort of activity. For example:

    - HP will be launching its latest laptop next month.

    As usual, there are certain verbs that tend not to be used in any continuous tense. For example, I would not expect anyone to say "I will be being there when you arrive."

    Future simple (will do):
    The future simple can be used to make a prediction (i.e. not 100% sure), to make a promise, to talk about willingness to do something, to make a spontaneous decision to do something (which probably happens quite often on the telephone at work when you agree to do something that someone has just requested you do).

    - We will probably have less snow next winter than we had this past winter.
    - Darling, I will never cheat on you.
    - OK, I'll send a copy of that report over to you right away.

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