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    case of pronouns used after "than" and "as"


    Is it considered grammatically incorrect to say "I work for the same company as him"? Must one say "as he"... or "as he does"? According to various sources, I've read that as him is considered acceptable, grammatically correct and grammatically incorect.

    All sources agree that as he does works well, but that it is considered informal. "As he" is considered formal and correct, of course. I would just like to get some expert opinions.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: case of pronouns used after "than" and "as"

    Re: I work for the same company as him.

    Hello Marget

    Well, the convention is to use the Standard form as he in writing and other formal situations, which is where tradition tends to rule. Which isn't to say that the non-standard form as him is ungrammatical. Far from it. It's an example of language change in flux.

    Choose the form that suits your audience.

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