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    Governments should make more effort to promote alternative sources of energy.

    Scarce or even completely exhausted in the future? That is the question that we should ask ourselves about the earthís natural resources if the government does not make a serious effort to promote alternative sources of energy.

    As most of earthís resources cannot be renewed or regrown it is of the utmost importance that the government makes fierce attempts to promote alternative ways of producing energy. These alternatives can vary from composting in our own back yard in order to reduce the amount of rubbish to planting wind turbines along the coast to produce electricity.

    Saving the environment does not necessarily imply spending millions of dollars on high tech projects such as the creation of eco fuel, just raising awareness can go a long way. In my opinion the government should focus on making the public more aware of how alternative energy sources can be used instead of the planetís resources. We could use a dry rack instead of the dryer and thus use the power of the wind instead of electrical power. The government could promote the placement of solar panels on our roofs so that we use the power of the sun to heat our homes instead of gases.

    However, it is not always possible to use non-conservative ways to create energy. Sometimes the coal, gases or trees are the only possible means to serve the end. Large production units for example such as steel plants are simply unable to sustain their entire production by using only the power of wind turbines. A combination of both conservative and alternative energy sources is required here.

    To conclude my essay I would suggest that the government is to promote the awareness around alternative energy in private households and stipulate ideal ways of combining alternative with conservative resources when it concerns large production units. This will ensure a longer life time for our planet.

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    Re: Governments should make more effort to promote alternative sources of energy.

    I dindnt find anything wrong in your text least any grammatical mistakes haha congratulations

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