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    prewrite process...

    guys, I'm just learning about the prewriting process at school, which does not include the introduction and conclusion... and this is what I've been told that during this process you are not suppose to write full sentences just ideas...
    1- list ideas
    2- group similar ideas into groups (this will be the paragraphs)
    3- write sentences expressing the main idea of each paragraphs
    4- write the thesis

    is this the right process?

    Although I'm not a big fan of Bill Gates, I did my prewriting about the impact that he had on my life because of my work with computers.
    could I post my prewriting work? so someone could give me some advise and pointers


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    Re: prewrite process...

    Another thing I noticed when I was doing my prewriting is that instead of writing about the impact that Bill Gate had on my life, I was writing about Bill Gates, kind of a Biography.... how could I prevent this from happening?


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    Re: prewrite process...

    The prewriting phase is about the content nmore than the language, so it makes sense to write notes rather than full sentences; otherwise, you'll add a considerable amount of extra time to the task.

    In answer to the second post, it strikes me that you have the balance wrong; you should be writing about your life not his- your first computer, the changes you have seen that have affected you that come from his work. To know his impact on your life, I don't need any information about his childhood, etc; just tell me what Microsoft and, possibly, his charitable work have done in your life, though the charity work may be irrelevant- helping fight malaria is a great thing, but has it affected you that much?

    (Please note that I'm not trying to criticise or belittle his charity work and I live in a country where the fight against malaria goes on and which has received funding from him.)

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