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    Question present/present perfect

    Hello everybody,

    what is the difference between: How long is John here? AND How long has he been here?

    In what situation do we use the first one and when the second one?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: present/present perfect

    For how long has John been here?

    I did not know that structures like "How long is John here" were readable.

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    Re: present/present perfect

    I might say "How long is John here for?" to ask about the length of his stay. "Oh, he's staying with us for 2 weeks during the holidays. He'll be leaving next Monday."

    I would say "How long has he been here?" to ask about the length of his stay up to the present time. "Oh, he's been here about three hours. He got in at seven." How long he will stay or when he plans to leave is not an issue.

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