Below is the extract from the play 'No Sugar' by Jack Davis.

The task is to Analyse this text focusing on these features:

Content, Function, Audience, Principle of appropriateness, non-standard language, Australian English varieties shown, Word examples to support AE(Australian English) variety, Grammar examples to support AE variety, identities shown, word examples to support identity shown, slang used, jargon used, pronouns used, proper nouns used.

The court house at Northam, morning. The Sergeant stands near the JP, a local cocky, who sits at the bench.

JP: What have we got?

Sergeant: Not much.

JP: Good, I'm in a hurry.

Sergeant: Two natives. One supplying.

JP: All right, let's get moving. I've got to get to a bank auction in Wongamine; trin' to pick up a cheap desk.

Sergeant: (calling) Francis James Brown

(Frank enters and goes to the dock. The Sergeant passes the JP a paper bag. The JP pulls the port bottle out of it and looks at it curiously)


(The JP examines it and sniffs it.)

JP: Are Munday and, ah, what's-his-name, natives within the meaning of the Aborigines Act?

Sergeant: Yes, sir.

JP: What do you plead?

Frank: Guilty with an explanation, sir.

JP: If you're guilty I can't see much point in an explanation.

Frank: I'd still like to say something, sir.

Sergeant: The accused has been warned on two pervious occasions about associating with natives.

JP: All right, make it brief.

Frank: I arrived in Northam a few days ago, and I was broke and I didn't have anything to eat for two days and I ran into Jimmy the park and he

JP: (interrupting, to the Sergeant ) Who?

Sergeant: James Munday. He was one of the natives arrested along with the accused.

JP: (to Frank) All right, get on with it.

Frank: Well, he was a real mate to me. He took me to his home and gave me a meal of

JP: (interrupting, to the Sergeant) His what?

Sergeant: His camp at Government Well.

Frank: He gave me a meal of

JP: (interrupting) Look, I'm not interested in what you had for dinner. If you've got an explanation, just tell me what it is.

Frank: (nervously) And he even lent me a razor; I hadn't had a shave in several days. He and his family were very kind to me and when he asked me to pick up a bottle of wine for him, I felt obliged to do it.

JP: Were you aware that you were breaking the law?

Frank: Yes sir, but I didn't

JP: (interrupting) Is there a previous record?

Sergeant: No.

Frank: I've never been in trouble before. I am an ex-serviceman and I settled at Lake Yealering.

JP: All right, I don't need your life story. I understand the difficulty of the situation you were in, but it's my duty to protect natives and half-castes from alcohol. In the view of this, I sentence you to six weeks imprisonment with hard labour.

(Frank steps down)

I know this is alot, but just any help at all on any of these features would be great. I have alot down already but need a bit more of an in depth analysis/ more ideas.

So if anyone can help and take the time to look at this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for any help you give.