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Thread: would have made

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    would have made

    Dear Teacher

    I just quote a sentence from the NYT.

    Putting Fiat, Opel, and Chrysler under one roof would have created a company with the capacity to build nearly six million cars a year, which would have made it the second-largest global automaker after Toyota.

    what type of tense is the marked red , is it a present perfect?
    and if it is what does "would" refers to? can I use it instead of "could".

    please advice,


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    Re: would have made

    In this context, "would" implies certainty as to the result under conditions that have not occured. "Could" would imply possibility or potential. It may be that the conditions did occur, and this is one potential result that did not happen. Or it might be that the conditions did not occur, but if they had this was one possibility among others.

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    Re: would have made

    Thank you for your advise.

    But is it a present perfect tense ?


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    Re: would have made

    "would have" conveys the hypothetical future sense [as seen in the past] of "will have," a potential situation or event that did NOT take place. The potential future results described were certain under the conditions described - the joining of the three firms and the resulting creation of the second biggest car-maker - but those future results were never realized because the merger of the three never took place.
    The three verbs are the past tense of "will"; the infinitive of the perfective auxiliary "have"; and the perfective participles of the verbs "create" and "make."

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    Re: would have made

    Quote Originally Posted by rinotg View Post
    Thank you for your advise.

    But is it a present perfect tense ?

    The name of that tense is Future Perfect in the Past.

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