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Thread: Tense

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    Exclamation Tense

    Hello there.

    (A) We are leaving.
    (B) We are about to leave.

    What's the difference?

    Anybody please help me!

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    Re: Tense

    Quote Originally Posted by gchman View Post
    hello there.

    (b) we are about to leave. we will leave (soon)(shortly).

    (a) we are leaving. strictly speaking it should mean 'we are leaving now.' (= we are in the act of leaving.)
    but actually it often means (b). 'don't pour me another drink. We are leaving.'

    of course there is often a transition period between the declarartion of leaving (perhaps the saying of goodbyes) and the actual leaving action. So the meanings of the two sentences merge.

    what's the difference?

    Anybody please help me!

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