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    evening fuss, stomach

    I am reading a book regarding gas pain for infants. May I
    have some question as follow.

    1. What is evening fuss?
    2. Does tummy pain including pain on upper and lower stomach?
    3. When it mention stomach pain, does it mean the pain from both upper & lower part of stomach?
    4. How do the native speaker describe & specify the site of the pain in stomach?

    Tks / ju

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    Re: evening fuss, stomach

    "evening fuss" - the state of over-excitement at the end of the day leading to fractious behaviour. Some experts regard it as necessary to triggering the sleep mechanism.

    "tummy pain" - pain in the upper abdomen, often linked to trapped gas in the stomach and related organs.

    pain in the lower abdomen [the gut] is "gut ache".

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