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    either/ neither

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me your opinion concerning the plausibility of the following sentences?

    1. Real numbers can be either fixed point or floating point.
    2. The language supports neither parameters nor variables.
    3. The column is used either to indicate a continuation or to indicate a comment line.
    4. The text can be justified either left or right.
    5. The section can hold either record or single items.
    6. These statements either count or replace character.
    7. Values are specified either in the declaration statement or in the main body.
    8. Structures can be initialized either by assigning a value or by using a shortcur method.
    9.1. The chip could be used in spelling-checking systems or subsystems for word processors.
    9.2. The chip could be used either in spelling-checking systems or in subsystems for word-processors.
    10.1. The chip can’t be used in speech recognition and robot vision.
    10.2. The chip can be used neither in speech recognition nor in robot vision.
    11.1. You have two ways to correct this error” to revise the source code or to include additional modules”.
    11.2. This error can be corrected either by revising the source code or by including additional modules.
    13. You may either accept or refuse.
    14. They neither stay nor go.
    15. He is able either to love or to hate.
    16. Most people are used neither to loses not to win.
    17. You must call either the doctor or the police.
    17. I have neither a brother nor a sister.
    18. He is neither clever nor efficient.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: either/ neither

    10.1: cannot be used in A and B: we would say A or B in such negated cases.


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