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    Talking Functions of sentences

    Dear Friends,

    I read about the functions of sentences, but i couldnot understand how can we tell the function of a certain sentence. Take for example these sentences and please comment on them in terms of their functions:

    A: Hey, Bob!

    B: Yeah?

    A: Give me a hand with this suitcase, will you?

    B: Sorry, but Jenny’s waiting for me.

    A: O.K. Never mind.

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    Re: Functions of sentences

    Hello oranzo
    First of all, let's check what [B]you[B] understand by 'function of sentences'.
    Then can you say what the purpose of that conversation is? (Since a purpose of language is to communicate, we need to ask what are the people communicating. I apologise if you wanted an answer but I'm looking to see what you know already.)

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