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    Talking Personal Interface

    Hi! this is my time here. I am an English teacher, but I have one thing to clarify about correct usage of a word "Interface" as example below:

    A friend of mine use this on his CV. "I would appreciate for a personal interface with at any time". For sure, the word interface in this context is implied for "Interview". Can someone explain it further, if a word interface is appropriate in this context?


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    Re: Personal Interface

    Your friend should have used the word interview, assuming that's what he meant. Forget interface. Using the word interface here is at best a weak attempt at sounding hyper-trendy (generally a no-no on resumes anyway) and at worst laughable. Opinions may vary, but how about something like "I would greatly appreciate a personal interview at your convenience"?


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    Re: Personal Interface

    Thank you Greg.

    Anyone else?

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    Re: Personal Interface

    I can`t find any same meaning of "interview" and "interface", but i think dragn's one is ok

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