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    Question Using cake or cakes?

    Do you like cakes ? / Do you like cake?
    How do you make cakes? / How do you make cake?

    Which ones are more common to use, please?

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    Re: Using cake or cakes?


    Both are good. 'Do you like cakes?' suggests that there are a variety of cakes, perhaps on offer... hmm. Chocolate cake, fruit cake, Battenburg cake. What a tasty question.

    'Do you like cake?' asks if you like the foodstuff, cake. Any cake.
    'No, I can't stand the horrible, spongy stuff!'
    'But surely you like chocolate cake?'
    'Not even strawberry cake?'
    'No. I told you. I don't like cake.'

    I like all cakes except those with icing on.
    I like cake in general.

    [Not a teacher anymore]

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