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    dear teacher

    i have rarely heard that some native speaker use this kind of sentences (you is good, ,she have a nice hat) don't such these sentences sound funny? or is it possible a learner use this kind of sentences?


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    Re: english7

    Quote Originally Posted by mohammad

    Dear teacher

    I rarely hear native speaker use these kinds of sentences:

    You is good.
    She have a nice hat.

    Do such sentences sound funny or is it possible a learner uses those kinds of sentences?

    Yes. They 'sound' odd. "You is" should be "You are", and "She have" should be "She has". The reason being, the verbs BE and HAVE have irregular forms:

    I am
    you are
    she is
    he is
    they are

    I have
    you have
    he has
    she has
    they have


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