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    Question Answering a recruiter... can anyone check my writings?

    Can someone check my writings before sending to a recruiter asking me my CV?

    Hello xxx,

    Thank you for you interest in my professional profile, very much appreciated.

    I developed my experience managing complex and multiple projects to implement new business processes and whole business departments, change company structures, introduce in-depth changes in procedures and processes, normalise IT systems between diversified Business Units, cut costs and to improve business deliverables.

    I gained 10 years of experience in BPR by working within White Bank where, within big change projects and working closely with heads of business, I developed techniques and methods to analyse processes, gaps and risks, outlining processes of boxes.

    I always supported CEOs, Managing Directors and Directors to achieve their objectives outlining action and project plans, analysing impacts and issues, finding solutions, proposing ideas and innovative business processes, leading team and coaching staff and managers.

    I am good to build up strong team during change phases managing individuals towards new visions and facilitating (helping) them to see the positive benefit of change.

    I never failed a mission and never left a project before the end.

    My biggest accomplishment have been:

    - a 4 years' change project where I supported CEO and Directors to develop the company over 300% in terms of dimensions managing and introducing change at all levels;
    - a start up of a new bank completely from scratch in less than 2 years managing projects, system integration, software selections and SLA contracts;
    - and in terms of Client Management, a strategic project of 5m sold and delivered to one of the major banks in the country to introduce new web technologies and solutions.

    I am currently looking for contract or permanent opportunities. I live in London, prepared to relocate wherever the opportunity comes up and available immediately.

    Salary expectation negotiable for any position where I might be suitable.

    Please find attached my CV and let me know if you want me to detail further some or all my experiences.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards

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    Unhappy Re: Answering a recruiter... can anyone check my writings?

    No reply for my post so I am renewing it.

    Sorry for that and hope to receive help from someone.

    Thank you.

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