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    Quotation marks and commas/periods

    I am not a teacher. I have a question.

    We have a disagreement. In the sentence below, is the comma appropriately placed outside the quotation marks around the phrase "intent to deliver"?

    The Drug Prosecution Unit creates prosecutors who are skilled at direct examination on proving the element of “intent to deliver”, entering drug evidence as an exhibit, the use of undercover officers or confidential informants, examination of expert drug chemists and performing a voir dire on the elements of proof specific to drug trafficking offenses.

    Also, would it be correct to place a period outside a phrase in quotation marks?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Quotation marks and commas/periods

    Punctuation differs across dialects. Where are you?

      • Contents of quotations: Americans put commas and periods inside quotation marks. However, question marks and exclamation points are placed outside or inside depending on whether they apply to the sentence as a whole or only the quoted section), whereas British people will put the punctuation inside if it belongs to the quotation and outside otherwise. With narration of direct speech, both styles retain punctuation inside the quotation marks, with a full stop changing into a comma if followed by explanatory text, also known as a dialogue tag.

      • Carefree means "free from care or anxiety." (American style)
      • Carefree means "free from care or anxiety". (British style)
      • "Hello, world," I said. (Both styles)

    Source American and British English differences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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