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    Where or whose // neither - nor

    Hello dear teachers.
    A teacher asked his students to fill the gaps in the following sentences.

    1- The result was neither good ............nor bad.

    2- I come from a country .............. history goes back thousands of years.

    As for the first one, I think there is nothing to be filled.It is OK as it is now, isn't it?
    For the second one I am a little bit confuesed what to use. where or whose?

    please help me with them

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Where or whose // neither - nor

    Hello Herbi,

    I would agree with your thoughts on #1.

    For #2, either would be possible: "where" denotes the location, and "whose" the provenance.

    (The teacher has a curious sense of humour; "history" tends to go back "thousands of years"...)

    Best wishes,


    Not a professional ESL teacher.


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