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Thread: enquiry letter

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    enquiry letter

    Hi everyone!

    I would ask for your help in writing an enquiry letter to a possible future employer of mine.

    I applied to a job advertisement, received a feedback in which I was asked to revise my cv and cover letter. After I sent them what they asked for, I got another email that contained couple of questions and after answering these I received the last email from them which was about their enquiry about my availability for an interview and about the time I could start working.

    I replied to their very last email as well, but I did not get any answer yet now for 9 days. I want ask them by email about what happened to my application, was it rejected in the end or...I do not even know what to ask. I never contacted them any other way and they did not write me back which is strange in my eyes if I think about their previous interest.

    If someone would have a couple of ideas about what to write and how to write this email, could please share them? I do not want to be too pushy or come off as being impatient, but previously they always replied in just a couple of days and I am worried about missing a good opportunity.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Re: enquiry letter

    Did the advert say something about who will be informed? It's fairly common practice, in the UK at least, not to reply except to those shortlisted, though in your case they got in touch enough to merit an answer IMO.

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