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    Re: 16 sentences with "ear"

    Quote Originally Posted by vil View Post
    my knock-down argument is my interpretation of the phrase “to lend one’s ear” namely “to give attention” . Do you see the tangible difference between the well-known “ to listen” and my “ to give attention”?

    yes, but that argument depends on your interpretation being valid in english usage.
    in your original post, you were asking whether it was a correct usage or not.
    naturally, my saying that it sounds wrong doesn't mean you can't use it.

    thank you again for your patience with so wearisome people as me.
    don't worry. I'm sure i can be as persistent as you when the need arises.
    [Disclaimer: If my initial appears in lower case, the capitalisation in the post will be incorrect.]

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    Re: 16 sentences with "ear"

    Hi Daruma,

    In my opinion the word "called" goes without saying. It is taken for granted.



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    Re: 16 sentences with "ear"

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymott View Post
    That's right, but it doesn't sound right with "that shady affair".
    I listened to that shady affair. Odd, since an affair is usually something that goes on over a period of time. I thought Vil might have had another meaning in mind.
    I lent an ear to her account of her troubles. OK.
    In French, "prÍter l'oreille" (to lend an ear) could mean "take an interest" or "pay attention". I thought it was the same thing in English.

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