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    Question New to This--Adult ESL

    In college I was an English major, and due to certain circumstances I had to take a break from college and work full-time.
    The manufacturing company that I am employed at has several foreign-language speakers who have only the slightest grasp on the English language.

    Now, my employer would like me to try to teach some of the basics to them in order for them to understand better, and I am supposed to start soon. I have some lesson plans laid out, including a worksheet on the directions Left, Right, Up (above) and Down (below) that I have created.

    I would like for anyone to give me some tips on how to approach the subject without treating these grown men like children. Should I start out with a run-down of the Alphabet? Numbers? How soon should I introduce grammar?

    Anything that will help me in the slightest would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Re: New to This--Adult ESL

    Hi indie_girl,

    I teach English to adults in England and use the following website which has lots of materials on it for teaching English:

    UK Adult Basic Skills Resource Centre for students and tutors. Home Page

    I have to follow a curriculum (because of government funding!) in England & it sounds like you should look at the Pre-Entry / Entry 1 ESOL stuff to begin.

    There are so many websites out there, just put "teaching English" in to a search engine & you'll have a ball!

    I think if you start with greetings, introductions, saying goodbye that's always a good start... If they need vocab for work you could get items or pictures and give them the words and phrases they'll need to use at work.

    Directions, talking about themselves & families, are always good topics because they're familier subjects. Spelling using the alphabet is a good idea as they may have a different alphabet in their country - pronunciation practice is always good too.

    Good luck!

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    Re: New to This--Adult ESL

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