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    academic arrears

    Dear teachers,

    Would it be corect to say 'academic arrears' meaning tasks / assignments that have not been done in time but have to be done by students before thay are allowed to take the final exam. Or may be 'backlog'?

    Thank you

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    Re: academic arrears

    Dear teachers, I am sure any of you can tell whether my word combination makes sense at all. By contrast, I cannot tell it myself, unfortunately. I am basically asking whether 'arrears' can be used in this context , or should it be solely used in financial texts?
    Thank you

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    Re: academic arrears

    Actually, it is a new word for me. I looked up in a dictonary - all examples of using the word are related to economy (arrears of dividends; arrears of interest; arrears of rent; arrears of wages...).
    The academic debts - failed tests or exams (to pass the failed exam; test...).

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