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Thread: intensifiers

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    Dear teachers,

    Are all of these constructions correct ? Is there any difference between them?

    1) a) No one ever talks to him because he is a very rude man.
    b) No one ever talks to him because he is sorude a man.
    c) No one ever talks to him because he is toorude a man. (correct ?)
    d) Heís such a rude man that no one ever talks to him.

    2) a) The water is very cold so no-one can swim in it.
    b) The water is too cold to swim in.
    c) The water isnít warm enoughto swim in.

    3) a) I can hardly hold my pen because my hands are verycold.
    b) My hands are so cold that I can hardly hold my pen.

    Are there other possibilities?

    Many thanks,
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    Re: intensifiers

    1- a&d sound natural, while b&c sound rather literary. 2&3 are fine.

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